Starting the research

For the next few months we will be blogging here about the research and development of Brighton People’s Theatre.

We’re going to be busy:

1. testing and adapting the artistic methodology to suit the context we’re working in
2. building the performance skills of adults who have not done drama since they left school (if at all)
3. researching our theme: the impact of austerity on participant’s lives and their sense of how society around them is changing
4. working towards sharing 10 minutes work-in-progress, if ready, at Brighton Dome’s Studio Theatre
5. producing a plan for how to establish, structure, develop, name and fund the company based on this artistic R&D

Alongside blogs about the impact of austerity in the city, we’ll also be publishing highlights from our interviews with theatre practitioners we admire who have agreed to let us visit them over the coming months. We’re talking to Ned Glasier of Islington Community Theatre, Alan Lane of Slung Low, Simon Casson from Duckie and Bryony Kimmings.


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