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| Niamh Hicks

Join the BPT100

Help us to change more people’s lives.

What is the BPT 100?

We are looking for the first 100 people who want to support our work financially through a regular donation each month.

Donate here

Why are we setting it up?

Like all arts organisations, we are struggling.

We are punching above our weight. But we are a tiny team of two part-time Artists and one part-time Communications Manager.

We desperately need to increase our income so that we can deliver more, better.

Once we hit our target of 100 people each donating approximately £10 per month we will be able to recruit a part time Company Manager. This will free up our current team to deliver more vital work across the City.

BPT has a big impact on the lives of people in our community


Since we began in 2017, we’ve worked with over 600 local people through workshops, events and shows. We’ve established a core group of 40 members who shape our work.

  • 100% of our participants say being part of BPT has improved their wellbeing
  • 98% say BPT has given them a sense of belonging
  • 100% would recommend BPT to a friend

But people have told us that being creative feels like a luxury, an indulgence they cannot afford, especially in a cost-of-living crisis. This means they are losing out on the joy, escapism and connection that come from being creative with others.

of the people we work with have never done anything like this before.

The most disadvantaged are being denied their cultural rights, and the rest of society is losing out on experiencing what they might produce.

We think this is a social justice issue. We want to change it.  We need your help to ensure we can continue to make an impact on the lives of local people.

Still not sure?

Don’t just take our word for it, hear from our members directly about how being part of the BPT community has changed their lives.

  • Be part of our community
  • We will invite you to our work in progress sharings giving you the opportunity to be part of our creative process

Please join us. Become part of our community. Help us to bring more people together. Help us to make more magic happen in people’s lives. Thank you.

Donate here