If all the world’s a stage, then theatre is for everyone. Curtain up. Come and play.

We have three areas of activity:

Behind the Stage Doors

Offering workshops and experiences to increase a love and knowledge of theatre across our community. From hands-on theatre-making workshops to pizza and a play lunchtime readings.

Taking Centre Stage

Our Productions place relevant, contemporary true stories co-created with communities at the centre of theatre production in Brighton and beyond

Smoke and Mirrors

Our research aims to discover and share more about the relationships held with contemporary culture by those with low socio-economic backgrounds.


We all have stories to tell – of endurance and triumph, agonies and thrills. We hold secrets and we tell lies. We love. We hurt. We have heart and soul.

Brighton People’s Theatre is telling our stories. Putting our tales of friendship, of adventure, and of loss at centre-stage. Shining a spotlight on the stories that created the people of this city by the sea, the people who make it special.

Brighton People’s Theatre is transforming the ways we make theatre and how we tell the tales of our city, for our city. It’s theatre for all: theatre without boundaries.

People of Brighton and Hove: get involved with Brighton People’s Theatre. Join in workshops, see shows, meet people, and enjoy – together we’ll make some magnificent theatre. And maybe make some dreams come true.