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BPT Membership

Membership in BPT is a new thing. We would like to involve all members in the life of the company, helping us to choose a theme to explore for our next show and having priority access to all that we do.

People are invited to become members of BPT when they have been in a show or have attended 12 workshops in a calendar year.

Membership is offered on a Pay What You Decide basis so people can put their own financial value on what it means for them and what they afford. This is to ensure our membership is accessible because we know that times are tough financially for people right now.

We offer membership as either a one-off annual payment (renewable each year) or as a monthly direct debit.  The membership fee is to become a member only. All our activities (workshops, events etc.) are charged on a Pay What You Decide basis.

We hope that people want to become members to deepen and continue their relationship with BPT. Read our ‘Way Of Being’ here to understand what it means to be part of our community.

Members of Brighton People’s Theatre get:

  • To  be part of a community of creative people
  • A BPT-branded tote bag
  • Exclusive access to reduced or free tickets to theatre shows
  • Invitations to our seasonal get-togethers with all BPT company members, artists, and staff, and be involved in shaping the work of the company
  • Priority invitations to our workshops and masterclasses with guest artists
  • Opportunities to co-create and/or be part of future shows, either on stage or backstage