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Play Reading Group – The Canary and the Crow (ONLINE)



Our online workshops are £10 per session, for those on a low income it is Pay What You Decide

Playwright and Actor Luke Barnes will host our online Play reading groups in January, February, and March. During this first play reading group, we will explore the play The Canary and the Crow. We will send you a copy of the play to read before the session.

Don’t worry if you don’t have time to read the play beforehand, as we will read it aloud together over Zoom, explore ideas and characters in the play, and have a chat about it together.

About the play

“Coz I know you don’t see what I see, coz our eyes see things differently”

The Canary and the Crow is award-winning grime and hip-hop-inspired gig theatre about the journey of a working-class black kid who’s accepted to a prestigious grammar school.

This lyrical, semi-autobiographical piece from writer and performer Daniel Ward uses original live music from Prez 96 and James Frewer to tell a story of the struggle between a new environment that doesn’t accept you and an old one that has no opportunity.

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