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| Niamh Hicks

Exciting News! We’re collaborating with Windmill Young Actors

Congratulations to the whole cast and crew of Windmill Young Actors’ (WYA) Romeo and Juliet on a stunning performance at Hollingdean Skate Park last weekend as part of the Brighton Festival. We loved it!

The production marked the beginning of an exciting new collaboration between WYA and Brighton People’s Theatre (BPT).


We had some great news in the last few weeks that we’d like to share.

Brighton and Hove City Council has funded us and Windmill Young Actors to explore how we could collaborate more effectively together.

We have been working together for a number of years now; Tanushka Marah, Windmill Young Actor’s Artistic Director, regularly runs workshops with BPT and is co-directing our next show, Born and Bread and Naomi Alexander, BPT’s Artistic Director sits on the board of Windmill Young Actors.

Both companies have been working successfully in and with a number of different communities across the city, so we thought it was time to explore how we can collaborate more closely.

We are doing three things:

  • Collaborative Research – Naomi and Tanushka will be out and about meeting local community organisations later in the year to learn about what we could usefully do together
  • Creative Collaboration – we are interested in exploring the potential of intergenerational work. One of BPT’s members Paul Hughes (pictured in these photos) had a part in Romeo and Juliet as part of the Brighton Festival this weekend. We will be casting a child actor from WYA as part of the cast for Born and Bread
  • Organisational Collaboration – we are exploring how we could work more closely together to share resources and organise more effectively for the benefit of people in the city

We’ll keep you posted on what we discover and how we might work together in the future.